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Solrise, Solflare, & Rise

We cater to the present and future users of the world's most high-performance blockchains.

Solrise Finance is the parent company of Solflare Wallet and Rise Wallet. We're building a suite of on-chain financial products that securely allow users to manage digital assets on the world's highest-performing blockchains.

The future needs fast, efficient, secure, and scalable blockchains that can facilitate digital economies at a global level. The internet's landscape is rapidly changing, and we believe we're on the right side of it.

Other Products

Solflare Wallet

Solflare Wallet is our flagship product and is the Solana equivalent of Rise Wallet. It has secured at most $20 billion of staked Solana - equating to 25% of all staked Solana at the time. We've built a trusted name due to consistently releasing secure and bleeding-edge technology.

Solflare was not affected by the recent seed phrase hack that affected other Solana wallets.

Solrise Finance

Solrise Finance is our asset management protocol on Solana that enables anyone with a digital wallet to permissionlessly create a trading portfolio for anyone else to invest in. The protocol facilitates the management of investors' investments, meaning that neither the Manager nor the protocol ever has access to the investors' funds, and they can be withdrawn at any time.

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