Rise Wallet

Get a Wallet's Profile Picture

Use the functionality below to fetch a wallet's profile picture in order to display it on your own protocol's front-end.

Get the wallet's profile picture

function getProfilePicture (client: AptosClient, address: string, config: ProfilePictureConfig): Promise<ProfilePicture>
  • client - Aptos client object
  • address - The address of the wallet
  • config (optional)
    • fallback - Boolean, use a fallback generated image (default true)
    • resize - Object with Cloudflare image resize params (default { width: 100 })
Return value
Object with the following fields:
  • isAvailable - Boolean, true if there is a profile picture for the given wallet
  • url - The URL of the profile image, is always populated (either a fallback image or an empty-image icon), you can choose to ignore it if isAvailable is false
  • name - NFT name (only if isAvailable: true)
  • address - Owner address
  • tokenId - The NFT token identifier (only if isAvailable: true)