The team that brought you the best wallet on Solana is now building the best wallet on Aptos.

Rise Wallet is a next-generation non-custodial digital wallet that enables universal access to the Aptos blockchain and its associated applications.

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Lots more is in store for Rise Wallet.

Along with a powerful web app and extension, Rise Wallet already has years of research and development behind it in the form of Solflare. As you can see on our features page this development has been put to good use, but we're not close to being done.

"We want to provide Aptos with a suite of robust features at launch that typically takes months or years to implement on other blockchains."

Vidor, Co-Founder & CEO of Solrise (Parent company of Rise Wallet)

All the best features that Solflare has to offer - mobile apps on iOS and Android, an in-app browser, FTX account integration, Ledger connectivity, in-app staking, bulk send, bulk burn, and much more, will be implemented into Rise in due time.

So Why Aptos?

As stated in the company's whitepaper, scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability are Aptos' guiding principles. These are aspects of technology that we firmly believe in, and they've inspired us to design a wallet to help push the limits alongside what could be the world's most powerful blockchain.

"Aptos (Ohlone for 'The People') encompasses our mission and ethos for why we build."

Mo, Avery, and the Aptos Team

Welcome to Rise Wallet!

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