Signing Transactions

Once an application is connected to the Rise Wallet via connect method, an app can create a signed transaction using window.rise.signTransaction()and it will return a Promise that resolves when the request is successful and reject (throw when awaited) when the request fails.

Below is an example code describing the way to sign a transaction.

const payload = {
      type: 'entry_function_payload',
      function: '0x1::coin::transfer',
      type_arguments: ['0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin'],
      arguments: ['0x0f024fc664bfe474fd0cfe547ddea5a99b46868c2c331e9e29319b117fdb1b6a', 123123]
const signedTransaction = await window.rise.signTransaction(payload);
// {
//  publicKey: "0x71c87ca87e89dd7d02d224465cc40a1aafb10a76a91a0857ddac29fe0c3cdf23",
//  signature: Uint8Array(318) ...
// }

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